Digital Transformation for Field Service

Digital Transformation for Field Service
High Tech Campus 27, Eindhoven (route)
24-09-2019, van 09:00 tot 12:30 uur


In a world where customers expect more personalised services from the companies they engage with, delivering great service in the field is a must. Join Salesforce and Nextview during a free interactive half-day workshop on the 24th of September in Eindhoven, where you will get inspired by the latest trends in the Field Service market!

A combination of key-note sessions and interactive break-outs with other participants will ensure you get the most value out of this event. You will get the opportunity to plot your own organization on the Field Service Maturity Model to get a clear view on your maturity, as well as your next development steps in Field Service.

In addition, you will learn from a customer who just digitally transformed their Field Service organization about the value it brought, but also about common pitfalls (and how to avoid them). Interactive break-outs with product demos, Design Thinking basics and end-to-end integrations complete the program.

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