Cyber security Conference Belgium 2018

Cyber security Conference Belgium 2018
Conference center De Montil | Affligem (route)


The world is going digital at an ever increasing speed. Organizations depend more and more on their data / digital assets and often cannot even function without them anymore. This brings a lot of challenges for today’s CxO’s. Combining the need and drive to digitize or even innovate fast with the need to ensure that no big “accidents” will happen…

The challenge for organizations in this “digital age” is to respond to the question: how to stay secure/compliant in this fast moving pace where funds/time are limited and the funds/time of the criminals seems to be unlimited.

The Cyber Security Conference will look at a state of play on the one hand and at possible strategy and real solutions on the other. Let’s take informed decisions and tackle organisation’s priority risks in an informed way!

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